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2012 | 121 | 5-6 | 1222-1224
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Magnetization Reversal in Cobalt Nanocolumn Structures Obtained by Glancing Angle Deposition

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An advanced deposition technique known as glancing angle deposition was used to fabricate randomly seeded magnetic cobalt columnar nanostructures. The existence of nanocolumns was confirmed by the cross-section scanning electron microscopy. The evolution in the magnetization reversal mechanism as a function of the film thickness was investigated. The coercivity H_{C} and M_{R}/M_{S} ratio (where M_{R} and M_{S} denote the remanent and saturation magnetization, respectively), derived from the magnetic hysteresis loops, are discussed as a function of the angle between the external magnetic field and the surface normal. The direction of the magnetization easy/hard axis and the columns inclination angle were determined on the basis of the angular dependences of the H_{C} and the M_{R}/M_{S}. A crossover from the coherent rotation, based on the Stoner-Wohlfarth model, to the curling reversal mode was observed.
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