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2012 | 121 | 2 | 336-339
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Bond-Selective Excitation and Following Displacement of Ge Atoms in GeTe/Sb_{2}Te_{3} Superlattice

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Phase change random access memory devices made from chalcogenides compounds, such as Ge_{2}Sb_{2}Te_{5}, have attracted much attention because of their high-speed read-write and low power consumption capabilities. The phase change in Ge_{2}Sb_{2}Te_{5} is thought to be characterized by the displacement of Ge atoms, accompanying relaxation of surrounding Sb and Te atoms. Here we examine a new approach, that is the manipulation of Ge-Te bonds using linearly-polarized femtosecond near-infrared optical pulses. As a result, p-polarized pump pulses are found to be more effective in inducing the precursor of phase change, probably due to the atomic arrangements along the unique axis of the superlattice structure.
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