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2002 | 101 | 5 | 689-699
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X-ray Study of Strain Relaxation in Heteroepitaxial AlGaAs Layers Annealed under High Hydrostatic Pressure

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The effect of treatment at up to 1270 K under hydrostatic argon pressure, up to 1.2 GPa, on strain relaxation of AlGaAs layers was investigated by X-ray diffraction and related methods. The 1.5μm thick AlGaAs layers were grown by molecular beam epitaxy method on 001 oriented semi-insulating GaAs substrate at 950 K. An increase in intensity of X-ray diffuse scattering, originating from hydrostatic pressure-induced misfit dislocations, was observed for all treated samples. For the samples treated at 920 K during 1 h under 0.6 GPa, the diffuse scattering was confined to the [110] crystallographic direction perpendicular to the direction of dislocations. For the samples treated at 1.2 GPa at the same temperature and time conditions as for 0.6G Pa, a different behaviour is observed, namely the diffuse scattering extends along all azimuthal directions, indicating that dislocations are created in both [110] and [¯110] directions. The change of strain after the treatment was most pronounced for the samples treated at 1.2 GPa for 1 h at 920 K.
Physical description
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