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2012 | 33 | 1 | 85-94

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Kinetic analysis of thermogravimetric data collected from bigger samples


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Results for microcrystalline cellulose pyrolysis are presented, which includes thermogravimetric measurements and kinetic analysis of experimental data. The effect of sample mass size and heating rate on estimated values of activation energy and pre-exponential factor is demonstrated and a simple modification of procedure is proposed that allows for the correct values of kinetic parameters regardless of the experimental conditions. The efficiency of the proposed method is confirmed for two endothermic chemical reactions. A method of nonlinear regression is used for calculation of kinetic parameters for a single or TG curve or several curves simultaneously.









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1 - 3 - 2012
6 - 3 - 2012


  • Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Department of Safety Engineering, Technical University of Lodz, ul. Wólczańska 213, 90-924 Łódź, Poland
  • Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Department of Safety Engineering, Technical University of Lodz, ul. Wólczańska 213, 90-924 Łódź, Poland


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