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2009 | 7 | 1 | 66-73
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Synthesis and structural characterization of amino-functionalized polysaccharides

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A variety of carbohydrates, in particular polysaccharides can be subjected to chemical modification to obtain derivatives with amphiphilic properties, which enable biochemical or biological reactions at the polymer surface. In the present work, a polydisperse maltodextrin mixture of average molecular weight 3000 was coupled with 1,6-hexamethylenediamine (HMD) via reductive amination reaction. Resulting products were characterized by thermal analysis and positive nanoelectrospray quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometry (MS) and tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). Both thermal analysis and MS screening confirmed the formation of the HMD-polysaccharide coupling products. Moreover, HMD-linked polysaccharide chains containing 2 to 26 glucose building blocks were identified by nanoESI Q-TOF MS. MS/MS fragmentation using collision-induced dissociation (CID) at low ion acceleration energies provided strong evidence for HMD-maltodextrin linkage formation and the set of sequence ions diagnostic for the composition and structure of a HMD-linked chain containing 18 glucose residues. [...]
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1 - 3 - 2009
23 - 12 - 2008
  • Institute of Chemistry, Romanian Academy, RO-300223, Timisoara, Romania
  • Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences, “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, Romania, RO-310130, Arad, Romania
  • Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences, “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, Romania, RO-310130, Arad, Romania
  • Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environment Engineering, “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, RO-300030, Timisoara, Romania
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