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2018 | 9 | 74-91
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Klast stopu impaktowego w brekcji pułtuskiej

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Impact melt clast in the Pułtusk breccia
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The Pułtusk H chondritic breccia records a complex impact history and contains various products of impact metamorphism. Here, impact melt lithology is described, which is embedded into the Pułtusk breccia. The impact melt clast is formed by microcrystalline quenched silicates and metal-troilite globules and chondritic relicts are retained in the melt. The relicts record strong shock deformation, S4–S5 and they have well developed foliated fabric of metal grains. The melt formed by severe collision and impact melting on the parent body. The chondritic material was superheated and molten. Silicate melt unmixed from the metal-sulphide melt and both were rapidly quenched. Most likely the event occurred during Late Heavy Bombardment, ~3.6 Ga.
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