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2018 | 96 | 83-95
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PV/T Systems for Renewable Energy Storage: A Review

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Sunlight is converted into electricity and heat simultaneously with the help of PV thermal panels. It is examined that the efficiency of the PV/T panel is higher than the separate PV panels and solar thermal collectors’ efficiency. The electricity conversion-efficiency for a PV system is about 6% to 15% and in moreover cases 85% of the incoming solar energy is either reflected or absorbed as heat energy. Now a day’s Renewable energy has become a hot topic. The energy researchers day by day making advanced researches to make this type of system a useable one. Non-renewable sources will be approximately finished within next 100-150 years. So this type of energy is very important for everyone. Normally researches are made on producing electricity from renewable sources like sun-light, wind energy, tidal energy and etc. In this paper there is a compact review of solar photovoltaic thermal system. The performance of the solar cell decreases with the increasing of temperature. Both the electrical efficiency and the power output of PV module depend on the operating temperature. Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors, also known as hybrid PV/T systems are systems in which sunlight is converted into thermal and electrical energy both. This paper contains a combination of basic and advanced hybrid PV/T systems that are usable in Asian region.
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  • Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Rajshahi - 6204, Bangladesh
  • Dept. of Industrial and Production Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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