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2017 | 83 | 45-61
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Balancing the Closed Traverse in Land Surveying

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This descriptive research focuses on the role of land surveying in the development of an architectural plan through the detailed engineering planning that leads to the construction phase. It comprises a leveling network that was established and all the points had been described completely. Parameters such as horizontal distance, horizontal angles and elevation differences between all points were measured through many closed leveling loops using theodolite (Leica Builder 300), tape measure & wheels (steel tape) and stave (leveling rod). The observations were used in a mathematical model and processed by traverse adjustment techniques. The error of closure for interior angles was checked and both latitude and departure were adjusted before applying the double meridian distance (DMD) method to obtain the required area of the land. The adjusted unknowns and observations were computed precisely to about a few millimeters accuracy. Technical descriptions of the land such as distance, bearing, boundaries, and area are necessary to visualize the shape & exact location of the land.
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  • College of Architecture, Qassim University, Buraidah City, KSA
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