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2018 | 100 | 124-134
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Gastronomic tourism in rural areas of Vojvodina (North Serbia) – Dispersion, condition and offer of authentic restaurants “messuages”

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The food offer is the best reflection of how preserved culture and tradition of peoples who inhabit specific areas are. In Vojvodina, they are most diverse in messuages (sr. “salaš”) (rural farm houses where people who were engaged in agriculture and cattle-breeding started living more than a century ago). Isolated from the modern world, messuages have nowadays gained popularity, and are often called the symbols of Pannonian Plain. This paper will try to show the dispersion, significance and possibilities of old Vojvodina households which were turned into very popular hospitality facilities with national and traditional food, and thus contributed to gastronomic tourism and rural development, as well as the economy of the region. What is even more valuable besides the preserved setting are preserved authentic tastes, local cuisine, mixture of influence of people who inhabited or who still inhabit this region, such as Hungarians, Slovaks, Serbs, Bosniaks, Ruthenians, Germans and other nations.
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