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2021 | 155 | 1-22
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Combined effects of thermal radiation and Hall current on MHD Casson nanofluid exerted by peristaltic transport

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The present work intends to analyse the MHD Casson nano fluid inside an asymmetric channel. The equations governing the fluid flow admit both Thermophoresis and Brownian motion alongside thermal radiation. We acquired closed form analytical solutions for temperature, axial velocity, nanoparticle concentration and pressure gradient profiles. The ascendency of governing parameters like thermal radiation parameter, thermophoresis, Brownian, Hartmann number and Hall parameter on dimensionless temperature, concentration and pressure gradient profiles have been explained in detailed manner with the aid of plots and table. The prevailed results in this article are verified with prior available literature for specific cases and they are in good agreement.
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  • Department of Mathematics, Karnatak University, Pavate Nagar, Dharwad 580003, India
  • Department of Mathematics, Karnatak University, Pavate Nagar, Dharwad 580003, India
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