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2016 | 44 | 224-235
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Effect of Bacillus coagulans and B. firmus incorporated probiotic diet on Superoxide dismutase activity and catalase activity in Penaeus monodon

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In the present study was Vibrio species from wild marine shrimp, Penaeus monodon and to study its effect on the probiotic feed supplemented organism, when artificially in infected. Biochemical changes during infection of Vibrio parahamolyticus was evaluated by studying the Superoxide dismutase activity and catalase activity after infection. The superoxide dismutase activity and catalase activity in hepatopancreas was estimated in prawns from all the three feed groups. There was significant variation in the SOD activity and catalase activity in all three groups, after 30 days of feeding, uniformly they recorded gain in the activity. The SOD activity was 2.65 in control animals, 5.8 in B. coagulans supplemented animals, and 4.4 in B. firmus supplemented animals and catalase activity was 15.8 in control animals, 29.0 in B. coagulans supplemented animals, and 26.3 in B. firmus supplemented animals. The presence of this B. coagulans and B. firmus could protect the aquatic animals against the infection by pathogenic bacteria and might be applied as good probiotics in aquaculture.
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