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2017 | 66 | 134-148
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Nanotechnology in Communication Engineering: Issues, Applications, and Future Possibilities

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Nanotechnology nowadays became the most amazing studies developed and an active research areas in many fields including civil, chemical engineering, electronics, and medicine, also in materials. In modern sciences, nanotechnology is considered as the next industrial revolution which it may give more possibilities exceed our expectations in many fields. In telecommunication engineering nanotechnology could provide effective solutions for power efficient computing, sensing, memory enlargement, and human machine interaction. Nanotechnology in communication systems also provides ability for manufacturers to produce computer chips and sensors that are considerably smaller, faster, more energy efficient, and cheaper to manufacture than their present-day modules. In this paper an overview of many issues related to nanotechnology in communication systems are discussed, and also paper will provides a brief ideas of the potential application of various nanotechnology developments in the communication systems and the potential for future possibilities researches that may lead to improved communication systems.
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  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Red Sea University, Sudan
  • Lala Lajpat Rai College of Engineering & Technology, Moga, India
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