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2018 | 101 | 205-216
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The state of adolescent student attitude towards sex/sexuality education in today’s contemporary society

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This study was conducted to investigate the attitude of adolescent students towards sex education. The investigation was carried out in Junior Secondary Schools in Gwagwalada Area Council, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. A simple random technique was used to select the sample size of 1,981 respondents, made up of students in three (3) schools within Gwagwalada Area Council, used for the study. The statistical analysis used for data presentation and analysis were frequency table and percentages. The findings indicated that adolescent students held generally positive attitudes towards sexuality education, with female holding more positive attitudes than male. Learners indicated that the sexuality programme provide valuable information especially with regards to their own bodies and self-respect. Recommendations were given, among which include, that; parents should support their adolescent to practice the knowledge acquired from sex education, ideal (positive) peer group should be form by adolescents, including the society encouraging adolescents to practice teachings of sexuality education, and presenting values and morals that the adolescents can emulate as a guide regarding sexuality issues.
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