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2016 | 30 | 129-142
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Edge Reduced Skolem Difference Mean Number of Some Graphs

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A graph G =(V,E) with p vertices and q edges is said to have skolem difference mean labeling if it is possible to label the vertices x ϵ V with distinct elements f (x) from {1,2,3,…,p+q} in such a way that the edge e =uv is labeled with |f(u)-f(v)|/2 if |f(u)-f(v)| is even and (|f(u)-f(v)|+1)/2 if |f(u)-f(v)| is odd and the resulting labels of the edges are distinct and are from {1,2,3,…,q}. A graph that admits skolem difference mean labeling is called a skolem difference mean graph. In this paper, the author studied the edge reduced skolem difference mean number of some graphs.
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