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2021 | 153 | 2 | 205-215
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Analytical models for quark stars with the MIT Bag model equation of state

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Two classes of exact solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell system is found in terms of elementary function. This is achieved by choosing a particular form for the measure of anisotropy with the MIT bag model equation of state relating the radial pressure to the energy density consistent with quark stars. These solutions contain the models found previously in the limit of vanishing charge/measure of anisotropy. Isotropic exact solutions regained include models by Komathiraj and Maharaj; Mak and Harko; and Misner and Zapolsky. A physical analysis of the matter and electromagnetic variables indicates that the model is well behaved and regular.
Physical description
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Applied Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Sammanthurai, Sri Lanka
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