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2018 | 101 | 120-131
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Overdiagnosis of Thyroid Cancer

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Overdiagnosis of thyroid cancers contributes to increased incidence of thyroid cancers worldwide, which is already a serious public health problem. A great number of medical tests, helping to detect thyroid cancer, may result in an epidemic of diagnosis. A dramatic increase in the number of detected cases of thyroid cancer may be associated with a great number of neck ultrasounds, fine- needle aspirations and incidental findings during examination. Unfortunately, in response to overdiagnosis, more and more surgeries are being performed. It is important to differentiate stationary cancers from potentially aggressive diseases. Detection of cancer contributes to saving lives. However, in some instances it can be harmful, particularly if the disease is overdiagnosed. The aim of this review is to give a balanced view of thyroid cancer epidemic and controversies arising out of overdiagnosis.
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  • Medical University in Lodz, Department of Endocrinological, General and Oncological Surgery, Lodz, Poland
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