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2017 | 72 | 26-33
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Preservation of local grain legume species for food in Bulgaria

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In connection with IPGR participation in various national and international projects during the recent years, investigations have been conducted, in order to create a database of available old plant materials of grain legumes of Bulgarian origin. Different areas throughout Bulgaria with diverse relief, soil and climatic conditions have been visited. From the literature review and collected from previous studies data we identified the specific areas these crops occupy traditionally in the home garden and are sentimentally linked to family traditions. Questionnaires were developed, which intended to complement and update the existing information about location, farmer’s name, number cultivated species, usage, cooking recipes and storage. In this respect, numerous interviews with local people were conducted and were visited community centers, museums, schools and other organizations and institutions.
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  • Institute of Plant Genetic Resources ”K. Malkov”, 4122 Sadovo, Bulgaria
  • Institute of Plant Genetic Resources ”K. Malkov”, 4122 Sadovo, Bulgaria
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