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2017 | 8 | 84-99
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Uwagi o zmienności suewitów

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Remarks on the variability of suevites
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Suevite is the impact breccia rock with glass particles that attracts the attention of researches because of its broad variability. Many characteristics of the environment and impact process determine this attention, and, in consequence, various descriptions and names of the rock are presented in the literature. The Rochechouart impact structure is a good example of suevite or suevite-like rock diversity in its several localities (Rochechouart, Chassenon, LaValette, Montoume). The relationships between suevite components and target rocks can be exemplified by Kara and Popigai and other astroblemes. To simplify the classification of the rock, its main and more stable components (matrix, glass, clasts) should be considered. More detailed analysis of the suevite components can be used for sub-classifications, similarly as it is done for other Earth rocks. In addition, a short description of suevites from various astroblemes is presented. The possibility of the monomict suevite breccia creation is discussed.
Physical description
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