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2017 | 81 | 2 | 53-68
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Antisurge Systems-State of the Art

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Industry today can’t exist without compressors. Very often they are most important part of installation and profits of enterprise depends on them. Every failure of this machine results in stoppage of production and therefore enormous loses. One of the biggest threat to stable operation of compressors is flow instability called surge. It occurs in conditions of low mass flow rate and appears as an oscillations of pressure and mass flow and it’s capable of destroying machine in just few seconds. To prevent from this dangerous phenomenon antisurge systems are used. In this paper division of antisurge systems and literature study of current knowledge and technologies are presented. Examples of different types of antisurge systems and future trends are discussed. This paper summarize today’s state of knowledge about methods of prevention from surge.
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  • Institute of Turbomachinery, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland
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