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2020 | 11 | 98-109
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Średni ciężar cząsteczkowy chondrytu Jezersko (H4). Promień i objętość atomu i cząsteczki chondrytu

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Average molecular weight of Jezersko H4 chondrite. Radius and volume of atom and molecule of chondrite
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Average molecular weight and average atomic number of molecule of Jezersko ordinary chondrite (H4 S2(3) W2, find in 1992 in Slovenia) have been calculated using literature data on chemical composition of the meteorite (Miler et al. 2014). It was shown that Jezersko’s = 55.58, = 27.21, and ratio / = 2.043 for composition without water. Jezersko’s silicates shown the values: = 54.08, = 21.77, and / = 2.484. Volume and radius of average Jezersko molecule, and of atom have been also determined. It was calculated that the average volume of Jezersko’s molecule Vmol = 2.515·10–29 m3, and average radius of Jezersko’s molecule Rmol = 181.5 pm. Average volume of the Jezersko’s atom Vatom = 1.117·10–29 m3, and average radius of Jezersko’s atom: Ratom = 138.5 pm. Ratio of average Jezersko’s volume of molecule to atom volume: 2.25, and ratio of radius of molecule to radius of atom: 1.31. Number of atoms in Jezersko meteorite average molecule Nmol = /Amean = /Zmean = 2.25, and for Jezersko’s silicates Nsimol = 2.48.
Physical description
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