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2019 | 134 | 1 | 1-51
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Internet of things in Smart Environment: Concept, Applications, Challenges, and Future Directions

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Environmental phenomena have a major impact on our daily lives. These include changes affecting the sources of life such as in the waters and air of our world, which have been degraded in purity. The term ‘smart environment’ is defined as a technology that provides many facilities and solutions for many environmental application issues related to water quality and health, air pollution, weather, radiation monitoring, waste management, natural disaster, and many other environment indicators. Smart environment sensors integrated with ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technology can provide a new concept in tracking, sensing and monitoring objects of environment. This can provide potential benefits leading up to the possibility of achieving a green world and a sustainable lifestyle. IoT allows environmental sensors to connect with other systems such smart phones through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to send enormous amounts of data to the network and can allow us to have a better understanding of our surroundings and find suitable solutions for today environmental problems. In this review article, we will provide a brief conception of environment areas of study based on IoT technology and discuss the justification behind using IoT in the field of environmental studies. Moreover, we will investigate many proposed applications of environmental research based upon IoT.
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  • Department of Marine Systems, Flamingo for Marine Services Company, P.O 33311, West of Main Town, Port Sudan, Sudan
  • Department of Marine Systems, Flamingo for Marine Services Company, P.O 33311, West of Main Town, Port Sudan, Sudan
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