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2020 | 145 | 85-94
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Oblong Sum Labeling of Union of Some Graphs

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An oblong sum labeling of a graph G = (V,E) with p vertices and q edges is a one to one function f:V(G) → {0,2,4,6,...} that induces a bijection f* : E(G) → {O_1,O_2,O_3,..., O_q} of the edges of G defined by f*(uv) = f(u) + f(v) for all e = uv ∈ E(G). The graph that admits oblong sum labeling is called oblong sum graph. In this article, the oblong sum labeling of union of some graphs are studied.
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  • Department of Mathematics, The M.D.T Hindu College, Tirunelveli, India
  • Department of Mathematics, The M.D.T Hindu College, Tirunelveli, India
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