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2019 | 24 | 100-116
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Chemical characterization by TLC, UV, IR, HPLC-MS/MS and NMR of gossypetin-3’-O-glucoside from Talipariti elatum (Sw.) Malvaceae

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Talipariti elatum (Sw.) Malvaceae, also known as Blue Mahoe or Mountain Mahoe, commonly named as Majagua azul or Majagua, with red or crimson flowers, is a medicinal tree traditionally used against cough, asthma, catarrh, and expectorant. Its flowers contain a lot different chemical compounds, mainly flavonoids. From red petals of the flowers a flavonol glucoside was isolated and characterized by TLC, UV, IR, HPLC-MS/MS and NMR spectroscopy. Structure analyses of that chemical component revealed that It have the identical glucoside moiety attached to a flavonol skeleton like gossypitrin (gossypetin-7-O--glucoside) but in different position for which the structure of gossypetin-3’-O-glucoside was deduced from HSQC, HMBC, COSY and NOESY correlations.
IR   MS   NMR   TLC   Talipariti elatum   UV   flavonoids  
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  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Food, Havana University, Havana, Cuba
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Food, Havana University, Havana, Cuba
  • Faculty of Science, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, Nice, France
  • Faculty of Science, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, Nice, France
  • ARVARNAM, Martinica, France
  • ARVARNAM, Martinica, France
  • ARVARNAM, Martinica, France
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