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2016 | 7 | 21-26
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Wpływ fali uderzeniowej na zmiany tektoniczne osadów jurajskich wokół krateru Ries – studium SEM wybranych skamieniałości

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The impact shockwave interaction with Jurassic deposits related to the Ries crater – SEM study of selected fossils
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Upper Jurassic sediments of the Ries crater contain numerous fossils including massive and calcite belemnites, which show brittle deformations caused by impact shockwave. The structures are observed in macro and micro scale. SEM observations allowed to distinguish different tectonic forms in investigated material, what show the individualism of breccias formed during the Ries impact.
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  • Uniwersytet Śląski, Wydział Nauk o Ziemi
  • Uniwersytet Śląski, Wydział Nauk o Ziemi
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