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2016 | 7 | 133-143
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Średni ciężar atomowy chondrytów LL5: Siena, Hautes Fagnes i NWA 7915

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Mean atomic weight of LL5 chondrites: Siena, Hautes Fagnes and NWA 7915
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Mean atomic weights Amean of Siena (LL5, fall 1794), Hautes Fagnes (LL5, S1, W1, find 1965) and NWA 7915 (LL5, S2, W3, find 2010) ordinary chondrites have been determined using literature data on chemical composition of the meteorites and using relationship between mean atomic weight and Fe/Si atomic ratio (Szurgot 2015). It was shown that NWA 7915 Amean = 22.80 is close to mean atomic weight of LL chondrites (Amean = 23.00), and is close to mean atomic weight of LL chondrite falls (Amean = 22.90, Szurgot 2015). NWA 7915’s Fe/Si atomic ratio (0.529) leads to Amean = 23.28 which is close to the value determined by bulk composition. This means that NWA 7915 belongs to LL5 chondrites, as previously classified (Brawata et al. 2014). Mean atomic weight Amean of Hautes Fagnes determined by bulk composition is between 23.11 and 23.35. Lower Amean value is close to Amean of LL chondrites, but higher value is the same as Amean of intermediate L/LL chondrites (23.34 for L/LL, Szurgot 2016). Hautes Fagnes Fe/Si atomic ratio and Amean(Fe/Si) are identical with those for NWA 7915 (Fe/Si = 0.529, Amean = 23.28). Amean data indicate that Hautes Fagnes can belong to LL5 chondrites, as previously classified (Vandeginste et al. 2012) or can be one of L/LL chondrites. Mean atomic weight of Siena meteorite is much higher than expected for LL chondrite. Siena’s bulk composition gives Amean = 24.47, and Amean(Fe/Si) dependence gives Amean = 24.45 (Fe/Si = 0.7345). Using dependence between mean atomic weight and grain density (Szurgot 2015) leads to Amean = 23.24 (dgr = 3.46 g/cm3, Macke 2010), and using dependence between Amean and magnetic susceptibility (Szurgot 2016) gives Amean = 23.53±0.13 (logc = 4.65±0.09, Macke 2010). Bulk composition and Fe/Si ratio indicate that Siena has the same Amean as intermediate H/L chondrites, for which Amean = 24.3 (Szurgot 2016). Grain density indicates rather L/LL intermediate group for Siena, and magnetic susceptibility indicates intermediate L/LL or L chondrites (23.34 for L/LL, and 23.67 for L, Szurgot 2016). Mean atomic number Zmean, and Amean/Zmean ratio of the three meteorites have been also determined. Siena’s Zmean = 12.104, Hautes Fagnes Zmean = 11.445–11.562, and NWA 7915’s Zmean = 11.293. Amean/Zmean ratios are: 2.022 for Siena, 2.019–2.020 for Hautes Fagnes, and 2.019 for NWA 7915.
Physical description
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