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2019 | 120 | 2 | 205-219
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The issue of the reality of hell in the teaching of the Catholic Church

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One of the foundations of the Christian faith is the truth about eternal life. All people are well aware that life on earth will end sometime. Death is the end of earthly existence, but it is not the end definitive. As Christians, we believe that death is the beginning of a new life, a transition to a new reality, a reality that will never end and will pass away. God, offering us salvation through Jesus Christ, wants that for every person this new existence is heaven, where He will be the greatest reward. The creator, however, does not deprive man of free will and the possibility of deciding his fate, which is why he accepts the unreasonable possibility of rejection by the creatures of his proposal of heaven and self-grieving of man, that is, the voluntary election of the eternal punishment of hell. The object of reflection of this article is to present a modern teaching about the eternal punishment, called hell. It is shown what today's theology talks about the reality of eternal damnation. The truth about hell is the dogma of our faith. Often, however, this topic is not addressed in preaching and teaching. There is no doubt that this is a difficult subject because it concerns a reality that transcends human existence and is difficult to understand, but that does not mean that one should stop being interested in hell.
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  • Faculty of Theology, University of Opole, 1 B Wojciecha Drzymały Str., 45-342 Opole, Poland
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