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2021 | 34 | 1-28
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Effect of climate change on the population of butterfly families - species richness, abundance and species composition across the different seasons of the year in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, India

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Butterflies are very sensitive insects for climate change, environmental pollution. Butterflies are model for most of the studies which focus on the effect of climate change on the species richness, change in abundance, species distribution, population size; it is also because of butterflies are umbrella species,. The conservation programme of butterflies will surely help to conserve other species from plants to microscopic organisms. In this study an attempt was made to evaluate the change in butterfly population dynamics through different seasons of the year. According to the observation made during research period it is clear that species richness was the highest from August to November (Monsoon and Early Monsoon) followed by Winter. The lowest were in Hot Summer and Summer that is from February to May. This study is an example for the impact of climate change on the diversity of butterflies from semi-arid geographical region of India; revealed the impact of climate on the species composition, species richness and abundance of butterflies. Such studies are very much important to show that the effects of climate change whether it is natural or human induced change the species composition of species directly and indirectly effecting the ecosystem balance.
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  • Department of Studies and Research in Zoology, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi - 585106, Karnataka, India
  • Department of Studies and Research in Zoology, Gulbarga University, Kalaburagi - 585106, Karnataka, India
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