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2018 | 92 | 2 | 378-384
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Background Radiation in Najaf city, Iraq

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Gamma-ray absorbed dose rates of the background radiation found in some selected areas of Najaf city, Iraq. Gamma-ray absorbed dose measurements are made using a portable survey meter (Gamma-Scout). The frequently recorded readings of the gamma dose rate observed of about 60.00 and 116.67 nGyh-1 in this work. The lowest gamma dose rates found to be 60 nGyh-1 in ALSEHLE and ALGADIR sites and the highest found to be 116.67 nGyh-1 in ALKARAMA site. Overall, the background gamma radiation rates are within the range in listed regions of worldwide. The selected locations in the Najaf city have standard values of the background gamma radiation rates and not harmful and not effects on people living in these areas.
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  • Department of Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, Najaf Governorate, Iraq
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