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2016 | 59 | 74-84
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Assessment of the Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasitic Infections of Cattle in Hilly Areas of Bangladesh

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A survey of the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasite (GIPs) in scavenging and semi-scavenging cattle was conducted in four hilly areas of Bangladesh during the period from January to December, 2014. Faecal samples from cattle were collected and analyzed using the direct method and formol-ether concentration method. Among 400 samples, 324 samples were found positive with one or more parasites giving an overall prevalence of 81.0%. Amphistomes (Paramphistomum spp) was recorded the highest prevalence (60.5%) among the various species of parasites encountered during the study. Other predominant parasites were Balantidium coli (16.25%), Gastrointestinal strongyle (11.7%) and Haemonchus spp (9.7%). Female cattle (52.2%) was found more infected than male (47.8%). Young (6 to 18 months) were observed more infected compared to adult animals. The distribution of infection by different areas did not show any consistent trend. The high prevalence of parasitic infections in these cattle specifies that the protozoa and helminths concerned are very common in the environment of these areas and therefore, multiple intervention strategies should be implemented to reduce the disease burden. Study surveys suggest, appropriate GIPs control approach to be explored and tried in order to alleviate the problem of worm burden in the present area of study.
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  • Department of Parasitology, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • Department of Parasitology, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • Department of Animal Nutrition, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • Department of Pathology, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • Department of Parasitology, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
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