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2017 | 77 | 2 | 310-321
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Photocurrent and Photovoltaic of Photodetector based on Porous Silicon

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We have studied the dependence of photodetector photocurrent on incident power density of light with anodization current and time. The fabrication of Al/PS/p-Si photodetector heterojunction PDH by electrochemical etching method ECE and semi-transparent Al films in thickness range of 80 nm are deposited by thermal evaporation on porous silicon layers to investigate the photocurrent -voltage characteristics of the PDH. When the anodization current varied from 20 to 60 mA, the photocurrent PC was increase according to the anodization parameters at 1.2 mw/cm2 power density. The results also show that the short current Isc and open circuit voltage Voc saturate at high power density. The difference in the value of Voc and Isc at different etching current density is related to the Si nano crystallites layer thickness and the porosity which itself is greatly affected by the etching current density.
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  • Department of Physics, Education Faculty, AL Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq
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