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2018 | 23 | 55 - 65
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Chitosan derivatives were obtained by chemical (MW of 6 kDa, DD 99% - Ch6/99; MW13 kDa, DD 98% - Ch13/98) and enzymatic (MW of 5 kDa, DD 85% - Ch5/85; MW of 10 kDa, DD 85% - Ch10/85) depolymeri-sation of chitosan with a MW of 334 and 1000 kDa. Chitosan derivatives (almost identical MW pairs and different DD) possessed insignificant an-ticoagulant activity, did not promote human platelet aggregation and re-duced ADP or collagen-induced platelet aggregation. The studied sam-ples at a concentration of 2 mg/ml reduced the aggregation of platelets more than twice induced in 2x10-6M and 1x10-5M concentrations; at weak activation in 2x10-6M, the Ch10/85 sample was the most effective. The Ch6/99 and Ch13/98 samples were 20 times more effective at the inhibi-tion of collagen-induced platelet aggregation than the Ch10/85 sample. The latter can be explained by the greater value of positive charge (DD) and polydispersity (Mw/Mn) of chitosan samples obtained by chemical de-polymerisation
55 - 65
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  • National Research Centre for Haematology of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
  • National Research Centre for Haematology of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
  • Institute of Bioengineering, Research Centre of Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Bioengineering, Research Centre of Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Institute of Bioengineering, Research Centre of Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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