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2018 | 111 | 40-50
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Efficacy of rehabilitation in patients with segmental discopathy lumbar-sacral spine

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Discopathy of the lumbosacral spine are all pathological changes within the intervertebral disc, causing characteristic clinical symptoms, which mainly include pain in the lower part of the spine, often radiating to the lower limbs but also tingling, numbness and limitation of movements of torso. Treatment of patients with discopathy is usually conservative. Physiotherapy, kinesitherapy and therapeutic massage treatments are used to reduce pain. Subjective evaluation of the effectiveness of the physiotherapeutic procedures used in the group of patients with pain in the lumbosacral spine. The study included 140 people diagnosed with discopathy, attending rehabilitation procedures in Tarnów physiotherapy offices. The research method was a questionnaire of own design supplemented with the VAS scale to assess pain before and after rehabilitation. The data was subjected to statistical analysis. Among the treatments used in the examined group of patients dominated spine and abdominal muscle exercises, therapeutic massage, TENS currents and manual therapy. The average intensity of pain before rehabilitation was = 7.21 points. ± 1.54 points, while after the rehabilitation it was equal to = 3.44 points. ± 1.97 points (p <0.001). Outpatient physiotherapy reduced pain in people suffering from discopathy of the lumbosacral spine. Comprehensive use of TENS currents, spine and abdominal muscle exercises, therapeutic massage and manual therapy does not affect the total elimination of pain in the lumbosacral spine, it only allows for their significant reduction. Physiotherapeutic therapy applied in patients with lumbosacral spine discopathy significantly improved their quality of life.
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  • Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, 2 Sucharskiego Str., 35-225 Rzeszów, Poland
  • Student Scientific Circle „RehSCIENCE”, Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Information Technology and Management, 2 Sucharskiego Str., 35-225 Rzeszów, Poland
  • Department of Human Anatomy, Chair of Human Anatomy, Medical University of Lublin, 1 Racławickie Str., 20-059 Lublin, Poland
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