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2016 | 37 | 61-75
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Application of High-Energy Laser coupled with Gamma – Lonizing Irradiations as New Sterilizing Technique

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The present investigations introduce for first time new trend of coupling of two sterilizing sources, high energy Nd-Laser and Gamma – irradiations which has oxidative nature by additional to its thermal effects. The investigated samples will be examined before and after radiations to confirm its internal structure (XRD, microstructure (SEM, AFM, Raman-Spectra) and killing ratio for polluted bacteria. Furthermore some selected biological tests will be checked to be sure from toxicity ratio after radiations. Also many of investigational parameters will be tested such as strength of irradiation dose and irradiation dosage time to achieve maximum healthy sterilizing ratio per minimum time to validate application and wide scale application of this promising sterilizing technique.
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  • Materials Science Unit, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, 31725 - Tanta, Egypt
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