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2017 | 66 | 281-292
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Distribution of Marine Debris in Biawak Island, West Java, Indonesia

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Marine debris becomes a challenge to the ocean view especially in Indonesia as a maritime country. This study investigates the distribution of marine debris in the Biawak Island, Indramayu district, Indonesia. This study was conducted in November 2013 and 2014 by completing the standard form of the global International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Network. By doing this, we aim to establish the condition and distribution of debris in the ecosystem area. The data collected from 7 stations along the coast of the Biawak island. The results showed that the total weight of marine debris ranged from 3-26 kg in each station with the highest density located at the eastern part of Biawak Island. The total weight of marine debris was 68 kg of 655 meters from total length 4.93 km of coastal line. Marine debris that found in the region predominantly composed of waste rope, styrofoam, and plastics. Debris from fishing activities also suggesting as a prevalent debris item found in the region. The result indicates that sources of debris transported from other regions by the ocean currents.
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  • Department of Marine Science, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor 45363, West Java, Indonesia
  • Department of Marine Science, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor 45363, West Java, Indonesia
  • KOMITMEN Research Group, Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor 45363, West Java, Indonesia
  • KOMITMEN Research Group, Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor 45363, West Java, Indonesia
  • KOMITMEN Research Group, Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor 45363, West Java, Indonesia
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