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2019 | 10 | 199-221
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Spadki meteorytów w 2018 roku. Okoliczności i obserwacje

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Meteorite falls in 2018. Circumstances and observations
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This scientific paper aims to systematize knowledge about the circumstances of meteorite falls in 2018. Eight of them were officially confirmed by The Meteoritical Society: Hamburg (USA), Ablaketka (Kazakhstan), Aba Pan (Nigeria), Mangui (China), Ozerki (Russia), Renchen (Germany), Gueltat Zemmour (Morocco), Komaki (Japan). Seven more have not yet been classified: Central Kalahari (Botswana), Glendale (USA), Benenitra (Madagascar), Bhakkar (Pakistan), Ghadamis (Libya), Elkouran (Morocco) and meteorite fall from the Sahara Desert. It turns out that the most numerous group of meteorite falls in 2018 were L6 chondrites. There were no iron or stony-iron falls. The author collected information from many different sources. He analyzed entries in the MetBull catalog, publications in social media and press reports in order to compare them with official data from previous years. In this way, he tries to prove that although the circumstances of each meteorite fall are different, coherent conclusions can be drawn from them, and these can help meteorite researchers, for example, in verifying eyewitness accounts.
Physical description
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