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2016 | 37 | 220-231
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Study the Radiation Time Effect of Synthesis Silver Nanoparticles by Photo Reduction Method

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Highly stable dispersion of nanosized silver nanoparticles were prepared by the reduction of silver salt (silver nitrite - AgNO3 ) by photo reduction methods UV-lamps. The irradiation time from 6 min. to one hour effects on the morphology of dispersed silver nanoparticles were studied. The formation of silver nanoparticles characterized by means of ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy (AFM). During the preparation of observed that the color of dispersion gradually changed from white, yellow, orange, brown finally dark brown by changing with irradiation time, it is also the acidic solutions (PH) have decreased by increasing the duration of irradiation in addition to get different nanoparticles size lies between (33.988-93.175) nm.
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  • Department of Chemical, College of Science, Al- Mustansiriah University, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Department of Physics, College of Science, Al- Mustansiriah University, Baghdad, Iraq,
  • Al-Ministry of Science & Technology, Regenerated Energies, Technology & Researchs Directorate, Baghdad, Iraq
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