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2020 | 29 | 3 | 179-184
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New localities of Tremex magus (Fabricius, 1787) (Hymenoptera, Symphyta: Siricidae) and Xeris pallicoxae Goulet, 2015 in Poland

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The paper presents new data on the occurrence in Poland of a very rare species of horntail Tremex magus (F.). One female of this species was caught in the Wielkopolska Lowland, in “Mszar Bogdaniec” nature reserve. The paper also presents historical data on the occurrence of this species in Poland and completes faunistic data on the species of Xeris Costa genus.
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  • Department of Forest Protection, SGGW, ul. Nowoursynowska 159/34, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland
  • Department of Forest Protection, SGGW, ul. Nowoursynowska 159/34, 02-776 Warsaw, Poland
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