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2020 | 11 | 7-30
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Z efektem Mössbauera na Marsie

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With Mössbauer effect on Mars
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People have been trying to send space vehicles to Mars since the early 1960s to explore the surface of this planet. One of the most important missions in discovering Mars was the Viking mission of 1975, which provided a lot of information shaping knowledge about the red planet at the turn of the century. The idea of sending Mössbauer spectrometer to Mars appeared due to the prevalence of iron in the planet's surfce and due to the specific properties of Mössbauer spectroscopy. Our paper describes the Warsaw project to send a Mössbauer spectrometer (MARMOS) to Mars and the project suggested by scientists from Mainz University (MIMOS II). A special Mössbauer spectrometer was constructed for the MER mission by West European Team. The paper presents the possibilities of using a miniaturized Mössbauer spectrometer for the investigation of archeological artefacts. The Mössbauer spectra obtained on the surface of Mars were discussed. The Mössbauer spectra obtained on the surface of Mars were discussed. The Mössbauer spectra measured on Mars are characterized by three doublets and one or two magnetic sextets. The spectra consist of a Fe3+ doublet (assigned to nanophase ferric oxide), two Fe2+ doublets (assigned to olivine and pyroxen) and two sextets (assigned to nonstoichiometric magnetite) or one sextet (assigned to a hematite-like phase).
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