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2014 | 5 | 115-120
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Porównawcze badania mössbauerowskie meteorytów: Sołtmany (L6), Chelyabinsk (LL5) i Grzempy (H5)

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Mössbauer comparative studies of the Sołtmany (L6), Chelyabinsk (LL5) and Grzempach (H5) meteorites
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Mössbauer studies of Chelyabinsk (LL5), Sołtmany (L6) and Grzempy (H5) show that the main iron bearing minerals in these meteorites are: Fe-Ni, troilite, olivine and pyroxene. Based on Mössbauer absorption area of different mineral phases, new set of parameters for classification of the ordinary chondrities were introduced. The most promising parameters are: the ratio of the olivine to pyroxene areas and the ratio of the silicate to metallic areas.
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