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2017 | 80 | 317-323
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Statistical Blackhole Dynamics

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In this paper, the non-generalized or restricted second law blackhole dynamics as given by Bekenstein in the beginning is restated, with a rigid proof, in a different form akin to the statement of the second law of thermodynamics given by Clausius. The various physical possibilities and implications of this statement are discussed therein. This paper is a not a mere venture into the restricted second law of blackhole dynamics pertaining to blackholes emitting Hawking radiation but rather a proper scheme in the development of a proper statistical blackhole dynamics. The paper thus considers an interesting reformulation of the second law of blackhole thermodynamics after some revisions and then several main results including the probabilistic formula for curvature at the horizon.
Physical description
  • Math Department, Gogte Institute of Technology, Udyambag, Belagavi – 590 008, Karnataka, India
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