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2014 | 19 | 73-78
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Polymer-polymer interactions and miscibility for chitosan (Ch) and partially hydrolysed polyacrylamide (HPAM) have been investigated using dilute solution viscosity. The intrinsic viscosity, [η], and the viscosity interaction parameters, bm, have been determined for the binary (solvent/polymer) and ternary (solvent/polymer A/polymer B) systems. Degree of miscibility of these polymer mixtures was estimated on the basis of two criteria. The final result depends on (i) the applied extrapolation method used for determination of the interaction parameters, (ii) the assumed miscibility criteria, and (iii) the blend composition.
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  • Faculty of Chemistry Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • Faculty of Chemistry Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • Faculty of Chemistry Nicolaus Copernicus University
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