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2016 | 52 | 130-142
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Radon Concentration in Drinking Water Samples at Hilla city, Iraq

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The radioactivity of radon gas in thirty eight samples of drinking water that manufactured in different regions of Hilla, the center of Babylon (Iraq) have been measured by RAD7 detector. The high and low average radon concentration, average standard deviation and the annual dose have been calculated, where the result were A16 (0.193 ±0.0211) Bq•L-1, A1 (0.0361 ±0.00014) Bq•L-1, the average of radon concentration (0.115 ±0.048) Bq•L-1 and the annual effective dose was 0.413 mSv•y-1
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  • Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq
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