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2017 | 74 | 68-79
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Nematogenic Mesophase Induced from Two Nonmesomorphs and Determination of LTT for Common Nonmesomorphic Component by Extrapolation

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Three binary systems (A+B1, A+B2, A+B3) consisted of both admixed components as nonmesomorphs induces mesomorphic property as nematogenic mesophase within definite range of concentration of component - A. The Isotropic- Nematic (I-N) transition curves of each binary systems are extra polated to 100 mole percent of nonmesomorphic component –A to determine its reliable latent transition temperature (LTT) and to derive the group efficiency order. The common component A is a Schiff’s base, P-tolal. P’- Phenetidine (109 °C), uncommon component B1 and B2 are also Schiff’s bases p-Chloro benzal P’- chloroaniline (M.P 111.0 °C) and p-Anisal p’-Toluidine (M.P 92.0 °C) respectively, whereas, component B3 is a chalcone α- 4 methoxy phenyl β 4’-pentyloxy benzoyl ethylene (M.P 91.0 °C). The reliable predicted LTT of common component –A are 99.5 °C, 99.0 °C and 101.0 °C from binary systems A+B1 ,A+B2 and, A+B3 respectively. The group efficiency order derived is B2>B1>B3 from range of mesomorphism.The melting point of common and uncommon nonmesomorphic components are confirmed with previously reported values. Suitable magnitudes of anisotropic forces of intermolecular attractions as a consequence of resulted molecular rigidity and flexibility through respective polarity and polarizabilities of nonmesogenic components of the mesogenic mixitures which play an important role in inducing mesomorphism.
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  • Chemistry Department, K. K. Shah Jarodwala Maninagar Science College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 8, Gujarat, India
  • Chemistry Department, K. K. Shah Jarodwala Maninagar Science College, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad 8, Gujarat, India
  • Ex.principal, M. V. M. Science and Home Science College, Rajkot, India
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