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2019 | 10 | 62-73
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Meteoryt Morasko – nowe badania mineralogiczne

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The Morasko Meteorite – a new mineralogical investigations
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The Morasko Meteorite nature reserve is located in Morasko, on the northern edge of the city of Poznań, Poland. In this area the biggest known in Central Europe iron meteorite fall occurred. New mineral phases Moraskoite Na2Mg(PO4)F and Czochralskiite Na4Ca3Mg(PO4)4 have been discovered in the Morasko Meteorite. Both are phosphates, which exist as a parts of nodules – oval inclusions which occur in some iron meteorites, including the Morasko Meteorite. This paper describes the results of our investigation on nodules separated from the Morasko meteorite. Among others, the silicates in form of pyroxene from clinoenstatite group and olivines from forsterite group were found. The presence of phosphates in the form of merrillites was confirmed by electron microprobe analyser. In the metallic parts, on contact between kamacite and taenite crystals, rims (lammelas) composed of tetrataenite were detected. This phase is known to have hard-magnetic properties and could be used as cheaper equivalent for commonly used compounds based on rare earth elements for permanent magnets production.
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