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2022 | 170 | 149-171

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Standard Incidence Model of Measles with two Vaccination Strategies


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The essence of vaccination is to trigger the immune response to recognize and fight disease causing-organisms. Vaccination has led to the elimination of some childhood diseases. The purpose of this paper is to model the effects of two vaccination strategy in the control of measles. We accomplished this using the popular SVEIR model, incorporating what we tagged recruitment and continuous vaccination strategies. A critical threshold for disease control called the basic reproductive number was obtained, and its sensitivity indexes indicates the parameters that will be targeted by health policy maker to ensure control and elimination of measles. The disease-free equilibrium and endemic equilibrium states were obtained and analyzed for stability. Our model was fitted to the measles outbreak data in NunuKumba District, East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State, Western Ethiopia, for 17 weeks between the 47th week of 2019 to the 11th week of 2020. We simulated some model variables using three sets of data values, baseline parameter values from the literature, the estimated data from the mentioned epidemic, and the fitted parameters.






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  • Department of Education Science, Faculty of Education Open and Distance E-Learning, Kampala International University, Main Campus, Kampala, Uganda
  • Department of Mathematics & Statistics, School of Mathematics and Computing, Kampala International University, Main Campus, Kampala, Uganda
  • Department of Mathematics & Statistics, School of Mathematics and Computing, Kampala International University, Main Campus, Kampala, Uganda
  • Department of Computer Science, Kigali Independent University (ULK), Rwanda


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