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2020 | 149 | 81-91
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Assessment of soil properties of a lentic ecosystem in semiarid region: Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, India

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Soil parameter balances the ecological symmetry in a lake-ecosystem. It determines the portability of water through its inter-relationship among phytoplanktons and zooplanktons. The purpose of the study is to identify the status of soil parameters in different seasons across the surrounding area of Nakki Lake, Mount Abu (2017-19). The soil parameters were analyzed and based on the results of the physico-chemical parameters of the soil; it confirms that the soil in the surrounding area of Nakki Lake in winter season can be classified as moderately alkaline soil. The soil analysis shows a linear positive correlation found with undeviating pattern (r = 1.000) of Clay with Bulk density and nitrogen; chloride with sulphur. Permeability is showing strong negative correlation with most of the soil parameters and shows linear trend in negative correlation (r = -1.000) with potassium.
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  • Department of Bio-Sciences, Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences, Madhav University, Bharja, Rajasthan, India
  • Department of Bio-Sciences, Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences, Madhav University, Bharja, Rajasthan, India
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