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2019 | 132 | 52-64
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Psychological Considerations of Body Image and Self-esteem as Correlates of Augmentation Mammoplasty and Breast Cancer in Women

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Female breasts have been admired for a variety of reasons throughout the ages. This can influence a preoccupation with breast size. As a result, augmentation mammoplasty (AM) has become a sought-after elective cosmetic procedure, especially in western culture. Research has confirmed the psychological benefits of AM, but it has also shown that some women with a self-perceived inadequate breast size who request AM can present with psychological problems. Likewise, authorities agree that the diagnosis of breast cancer which remains one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers among women worldwide, can have an adverse effect on women psychologically, and that the number of patients who live with the psychological sequelae of both the disease and its treatment continue to rise. Several factors relate to psychological distress in women coping with these issues. In particular, self-esteem and body image-related problems faced by women can add a burden to their psychological well-being. This article reviews some of these issues and psychological treatment options to enhance women’s adjustment in this regard.
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