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2017 | 70 | 2 | 241-251
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Experimental investigation into influence of oil-in-water emulsions flow on permeability of porous bed

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Emulsions are interesting dispersed systems that are necessary for a number of technological processes. Their flow through porous structures have many applications in the field of chemical engineering. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques, soil remediation and various treatment methods of oily wastewater are good examples of emulsion flow in porous structure. The phenomenon of dispersed system flow through porous media is not easy to describe, mainly because of rheological behavior of emulsions and porous structure properties. During two phase flow of oil and water through porous bed it is possible to observe the interception of oil to porous structure, as well as filtration of oil in pores. In this study, we tried to examine the influence of the fraction size as well as migration process history on permeability of porous bed.
Physical description
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