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2017 | 86 | 3 | 242-252
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Mesogenic Dependence of Chalconyl Schiff’s Bases on Molecular Rigidity and Flexibility

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A novel homologous series R0-C6H4.CH:N-C6H4.CO.CH:CH-C6H4-OC6H13(n) of liquid crystal property is synthesized and studied with a view to understand and establish the effect of molecular structure on liquid crystal properties with respect to Schiff base and chalconyl central bridges as well as changing left n-alkoxy terminal and right n-hexyloxy fixed tail ended group. Homologous series consisted of eleven (C1 to C16) homologues in which the nematogenic mesomorphism commences from C3 homologue and continued to last C16 homologue without exhibition of smectogenic property. Rest of the C1 and C2 homologues are nonmesomorphic, whose Latent transition temperature (LTT) are predicted by extrapolation of N-I transition curves. Odd-even effect is observed for N-I transition curve. N-I transition curve and Cr-N/I transition curve behaved in normal manner. The Nematic thermal stability is 72.2 ° C. The minimum and maximum nematogenic mesophaselengths are ranging between 12.0 °C and 30.0 °C at C16 and C14 homologue respectively. Transition temperatures were determined by an optical polarizing microscopy (POM), equipped with a heating stage. Thermal analytical and spectral data confirms the molecular structures of homologues. The novel homologous series of chalconyl Schiff’s base is low melting series, whose mesogenic transition temperatures ranges between 43.0 °C and 79.0 °C.
Physical description
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