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2012 | 17 | 103 - 110
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In clinical practice a lot of natural macromolecular compounds which operation is based on assisting weight loss are used in the obesity treatment. These measures swell in the digestive tract and form the polymer gel system, which has the ability to adsorb up to 5 times more lipids relative to its own weight. When using dietary supplements containing chitosan, sometimes it comes to illness and in the therapy other agents such as chemotherapeutics are used. The aim of our study was to determine the binding capacity of chemotherapeutic norfloxacin present in the digestive tract model by chitosans found in slimming medicines, depending on variable physico-chemical factors. Phenomenon of norrfloxacin adsorption was studied by a dynamic pharmaceutical model simulating in vitro conditions. The amount of adsorbed chemotherapeutic agent by chitosan was calculated by the difference in concentrations of study drug before and after sorption. The results of measurements of quantities bounded norfloxacin were used to calculate the average percentage of adsorbed dose. The results show that norfloxacin is adsorbed by the chitosans in the applicable pH ranges, and the binding capacity depends on the pH, viscosity and concentration of chemotherapeutics, as well as the type of chitosan and additional substances in the gastrointestinal tract. The average amount of chemotherapeutic adsorption in the system chitosan-nutrients, depending on the pH ranged from 80 to 98%. The highest number of adsorption points above pH 7. In conclusion, the addition of dietary supplement such as chitosan reduces the amount of administered uniformly chemotherapeutic and simultaneously has a large impact on the bioavailability. The observed dependence may require changes in therapeutic process.
103 - 110
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  • Faculty of Pharmacy The “Silesian Piasts” memorial Medical University of Wroclaw
  • Faculty of Pharmacy The “Silesian Piasts” memorial Medical University of Wroclaw
  • Faculty of Pharmacy The “Silesian Piast” memorial Medical University of Wroclaw
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